Mallory & Jaeger

Recently, one of my winners from my 'Black Friday/Cyber Monday' giveaway received their free mini-session. Mallory has been a dear friend for the past few years, and her (along with her charming boyfriend Jaeger) have been excellent and lovely models for my various projects and school work during my time at CMU.

So when Mallory asked for her free session to be a couples session, naturally I was thrilled!! I have seen and heard how they are together and I honestly felt that no one could write a better love story. I asked Mallory for the backstory of how they met for this sneak peek, and to no surprise, it's exactly like a fairytale (which I adore!). I have tried and tried to summarize it for you all, but really... I feel it wouldn't be far to cheat you all out of such a cute story. So I've decided to keep her words as is. 

"Jaeger and I met last year. I used to see him around campus all of the time; plus he lived on the floor below me as well. One particular day, I saw him longboarding to class, whilst sporting some rolled up jeans, I noticed he was wearing these adorable polka-dotted socks. I said to my friend who was walking with me, 'See, there's the guy I need. Someone who's not afraid to wear polka dots.' Lo and behold, I saw him all the time after that. And he just...stuck in my head; literally, I could not stop thinking about this person who I merely saw in passing every now and then. Then we met at dinner one night (it was basically a big set up, because I had a friend who knew I liked him and he meddled into it and brought us to the same group dinner that night). Next thing you know, Jaeger is asking me to coffee. At Kaya the next night, although both of us were very shy and nervous in the beginning, we sat there and talked for four hours before we realized that it was already 11 o'clock at night. And then from there on out, we've wanted nothing more than to be with one another. He is seriously my other half. We're hopelessly goofy with one another, but that's probably one of my favorite parts about us. We pretty much never fight; when we do have conflict, we talk it out, work it out, and then somehow that brings us closer together. He takes such good care of me: when I'm sick, when I'm having a mental breakdown, whatever. And he NEVER makes me feel like my problems or issues are minuscule or unimportant. And I do the same for him. He is truly my best friend, my everything, and my soulmate. I want nothing more than to marry him one day, experience everything life has to offer, and grow old with him. I mean, who doesn't want to do those things with someone who brings such joy and fulfillment to their lives?'

I want to once again thank Mallory and Jaeger for being such good sports with the weather the day of their session, and for being part a project last year that really introduced me to them as a couple and helped solidify my vision as an artist and photographer. So here are a few sneak peeks from their session, enjoy!