A Surprise Engagement

Happy Holidays everyone!!

I want to first say thank you to all for your continued support of SaraClarity Photography, and I truly hope this holiday season has brought you all much joy and warmth to your hearts and homes, as it has for me.

This particular blog post is a very special one, as it is a sneak peek at a surprise proposal session (yes you read that correctly!) I did a few weeks back for two dear friends, Mallory and Jaeger. If you want a little more backstory on these two as a couple, go here. Here's the story of how this particular event unfolded, as well as a few shots from the session. Enjoy!!

Jaeger contacted me back in late October asking for my help with something big: proposing to his lovely girlfriend Mallory!! His original idea in asking for my assistance was to take her to the location of their very first date and have me secretly document him popping the question. I was absolutely thrilled at the idea of these two getting engaged and was over-the-moon happy to help in any way I could! Jaeger and I e-mailed and texted back and forth for several weeks (all of which we had to hide from Mallory, which I will say was not so easy, I got giddy and nervous any time I thought we'd been found out, haha), and finally devised a plan that we felt was foolproof: I created a giveaway very similar to the one I did last year around Thanksgiving, and Mallory and Jaeger "won" another free mini-session with me. I had also decided to recruit a good friend and 'assistant', Trevor Redford, to shoot some video of the session as well.

We met up the day of the "mini-session" at the place of Mallory and Jaeger's first date, a coffee house next to CMU's campus. Being the romantic that he is, Jaeger had created an Adventure book, just like the one from the popular movie 'Up', in which he wrote about and posted photographs from all of his and Mallory's adventures and special moments together. My 'assistant' had hidden the Adventure book among some games and other novels on a bookshelf nearby, so Jaeger could "come across it" for a few photos. Mallory was near tears when he placed it on the table in front of her. She flipped through the pages, reading and laughing along. When she got to the portion that read "New Adventures", all the pages were blank! But when she looked up, Jaeger was down on one knee in front of her, holding a beautiful box. I admit, I was so happy about this, and being a bit of a hopeless romantic myself, I was definitely tearing up (not so good when you're the one snapping photos of it all as it happens, haha). The most unique part of this whole session, was that in the box was not only one ring, but two. One for Jaeger and one for Mallory!! I loved that idea, as Mallory had explained that she found it fitting that if two people are engaged to each other, they should both have a symbol of that commitment to wear.

After the official proposal (and of course her resounding, happy "Yes!"), Trevor and I walked around campus with the newly engaged couple to give them a bit of a mini engagement session. Don't worry though, for those hoping to see a full engagement session with these two, they have told me they would certainly like to do that (though we all agreed perhaps sometime when it was warmer out. Mid-December with no snow does not for a good e-session make!). So here are a few sneak peeks from their session:

The moment Jaeger asked the big question.

The moment Jaeger asked the big question.

Thank goodness for  Jessica Drossin Photography 's Adobe Photoshop kits for the snow effect!!

Thank goodness for Jessica Drossin Photography's Adobe Photoshop kits for the snow effect!!

For the video that Trevor created, go here. I don't think I, or Jaeger and Mallory, can truly thank Trevor enough for making such a beautiful and amazing video of a wonderful and special event!!
These two truly remind us that the love we all share during the holidays should continue to bloom and grow throughout our lives. For more photos from their session, head over to the 'Engagements' section in my Portfolio.