Mini-sessions galore.

Hello again!! This post is going to cover the beautiful subject of: Mini-sessions!! It is the introduction to one mini-session's gallery and also an update on recent activity involving mini-sessions. For the past two years now, around Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I have posted a Flash Sale and Giveaway on the business Facebook page. Each year, the giveaway consisted of a free mini-session of the client's choosing. I am pleased to announce that the winners have been selected for this year's giveaway, and without further ado I would like to focus the rest of this blog on one of last year's mini-session winners. It is certainly long overdue, ;)

Back in October, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Ashley to shoot a free mini-session she had won from me the previous year. Ashley and I have worked together in the past, after all, she was one of my first models when I began working in photography and has volunteered to model and help out on countless occasions; and for such a wonderful friend and client, I am forever grateful to know her. We did a fitness shoot together, and here is, in Ashley's own words, why and what doing this session meant to her: 

"Getting my photos professionally done by SaraClarity Photography meant more to me than just a 'model photo', it meant that I was doing something I enjoy for something I love so passionately: fitness. When I was 22, I was lost, had no direction for my life or career. At that time, I wasn't happy with how I looked--all 95 pounds of me. I was so discouraged, when someone told me about a school for fitness. I thought about it, took the plunge and fell in love. I changed my lifestyle, bettered myself both physically and mentally which ended up making me so unbelievably happy and proud! I love helping others achieve the same goals and being with them every step of the way. My passion and love for people and fitness has succeeded. Recently, I got a promotion at my place of work to be the Assistant Athletic Director and am also building up my clientele. I have never been happier, and to all my clients 'Together as a team, we can succeed!'. Thank you Sarah for helping with these photos to add to my fitness journey!"

Once again, I am forever grateful to know this young woman and to call her a friend, and I am truly touched by her words and gratitude. She is an inspiration, a role model, and a wonderful person overall. Here are a few sneak peeks from her session!!


To see more from Ashley's session, head over to her gallery in the 'Portraits' portion of the Portfolio page.