Allyse & Corman's Engagement Session

Hi folks!!

So normally you all would have had an opportunity to read the blog that goes along with a session a couple weeks ago, but there was a small snafu with my computer. Everything is resolved now, and I am back on track and it's been smooth sailing with my editing pile!! With that being said, here is the post for Allyse and Corman's engagement session I did earlier on in October. 

Allyse and I were roommates back at Central, and also briefly sisters when I had decided to rush Alpha Sigma Alpha. I was so thrilled when I heard that she and Corman were planning their futures together!! Allyse and I had quickly become friends during a class together and I love that I got to see their love start and grow over the years (I even helped Corman surprise Allyse with a visit when she and I lived together!). As usual, I asked for a little bio/background on how the couple met and their relationship together. It has been edited for content and time, but I hope you all enjoy the story of Allyse and Corman:

"We first met in Summer 2010; I was 19 and he was 18, and we were both attending a mutual friend's bonfire one evening. I had just started working at the local Meijer, and as it turns out, Corman had been working there for about 3 years. We had hit it off so well at the bonfire that we became friends instantly and talked at work through most of the summer. By the time I had to go back to school, we were always talking with each other (I would pester and tease him to sign up for a credit card - to which he would reply 'I'll think about it' every time). While I was attending Central and he was at Eastern, we decided to keep in touch, mostly via social media. When I came home for Christmas break, we were able to catch up in person, and he asked me out around December 12th. While we weren't able to have our first official date until December 23rd, it was worth the wait. Even though it was your typical dinner-and-a-movie type of date, it was perfect for us because we saw Tron, which we consider both nerdy and awesome. For the first month that we dated, at the end of each date we would end up just sitting together talking for nearly three hours at a time."

Folks, I have witnessed this couple together with my own eyes, and I have to say, their love is genuine and beautiful. They are not only true to themselves and each other, but they have reached a level of comfort in a relationship that many people our age struggle to find for years. I wish these two nothing but the best in their adventures together, and I cannot wait to help them celebrate and document their special day. Enjoy the sneak peeks, and for more photos go check out their gallery on the website and the FB page. Please do not crop out the logo or further edit images. If you would like to purchase a print, please contact me :)