'For me, photography isn't just about pointing a camera and shooting whatever is in front of the lens. It's a way of interpreting what you see through your  own eyes, heart and soul, so others may share in the view.'

About the Artist.

Sarah Sacks has owned and operated a freelance photography business since early 2009. She is also currently a Photographer at Missouri Star Quilt Company.

The first photography class Sarah ever participated in was at a summer camp called Julian Krinsky Enrichment Program. She took a film and dark room course, and fell in love with using a camera. 

She acquired a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in Photography, with a minor in Art History, from Central Michigan University. She plans to own and run an art and photography studio of her own one day, after working for magazines such as National Geographic.

Sarah does commercial and product photography, senior portraits, engagement sessions, weddings, family and baby portraits, as well as landscape and nature photography. Contact her now to book your next session or to purchase a work from her portfolio!